"I believe the silent traditions between two souls in love are the 

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the pretty ones, of the silly ones and of

the fierce

I am a people lover, of the lost souls of 

I am a quirk celebrator and an elevator complimenter. I've learned to see someone’s best and tell it to them in any way I can.

The Experience

"It’s about loving people enough to give them a great experience!"

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"I can't even make it through the first few pics without crying happy tears! These photos are AMAZING Chris! Thank you SO much!"

Kim & Jamieson

"Dude... no words to describe how awesome these pictures are, we just spent some time looking through them, and we loved them! You were the perfect person for what we wanted!"

Samantha & Michael

ROXY & ROdney

"Chris you really have a crazy amazing gift! I'm beyond ecstatic with the pictures. You've surpassed every hope, expectation, prayer I could've ever wanted for in a photographer."