It all started just like a movie, only better! This year, as always, I attended the best conference on the planet, Showit United. For the last three years, it has been the best place for me to learn more about business and photography and to make friends in the industry. It ended up being so much more than that.

So many people have seen photos of me and Micaela on social media and want to know more of our story. The whole thing could be a novel better than one by Nicholas Sparks (well, obviously, because his books are depressing!), so I will try to keep it short. There is also a video coming soon!

A huge part of this story is my friend Chelsea who I got to know online through The International Academy of Wedding Photographers. You can read her side of the story here! The first night of the United conference she let me crash on the couch of the Air BNB she was staying at with a few friends. After the conference, I found out that Micaela spent the following nights sleeping on that same couch (though she arrived the day after)!

I never saw Micaela and Chelsea in the same place at the same time, so I didn’t know they knew each other. The whole time I was eyeing this pretty girl who I thought was cute and interesting. I never talked to her the whole conference, except on the first day when Micaela says we talked in a group and I told them about my love for ice cream and branding. I have no memory of her there for some reason – maybe because I was talking so much with so many people I never looked up.

A few days later I saw her across the room wearing a cute tulle skirt and a gold sparkly top, an outfit she had made herself! It was a really rough night for me so I didn’t go and talk to her. Maybe I’ll share the details one day, but instead I ended up hanging out with Zach and Jody Gray and dancing with my friends, which is quite rare for me.

When the conference was over, I had a thought in my mind: “Oh, that cute girl, let me find out who she is.” I found her profile in the United Facebook group, and was like, “Ahhh, that’s her!” The first thing I did was ask Chelsea if she knew Micaela. I had no idea at the time that they were friends and definitely didn’t know that they lived in the same town just a few blocks from each other. My mind was blown. Chelsea asked why and I said I just thought she was cute and interesting.

I started following Micaela on social media and saw she was launching her website. I commented on her post and I also sent her a message congratulating her! Less than a week later Chelsea said that Micaela knew I like her. Chelsea had talked to Micaela and told her someone from United liked her, and of course she guessed me.

Over the next few weeks, Micaela and I started talking, sometimes for hours about food or random things we enjoyed. Even though we are both wedding photographers, we never talked about photography or anything until months later. I found it easy to talk about things other than photography, which isn’t the norm. Meanwhile, Chelsea was the one orchestrating her master plan to hook us up because we were both talking to her about each other. She took the photo below of us when I visited Canada (she got first dibs).

A few weeks later, on Thanksgiving, I get a four-paragraph message from her saying that she isn’t looking for anything, and silly me, I asked for her phone number to call her so we can chat about it. I honestly just liked our friendship and chatting with her, so I was happy to stay friends, but still wanted to talk to her. She got around giving me her number by suggesting a video chat instead, which absolutely made my heart beat like crazy for the entire day. Thankfully it got rescheduled to the following night.

When we video chatted the next day, I broke the ice by wearing my Spiderman mask because of our Marvel superhero conversations. She thought it was funny. I made sure to wear a nice shirt and even though it was a video chat I made sure brushed my teeth and smelled good (she says her first thought when I took off the mask was “Whoa, this guy is actually really cute!”). What was going to be a 15 to 20-minute conversation turned into a 5-hour conversation, from us telling each other our stories and agreeing to just be friends to talking about food and all sorts of random things. Within the next week, we chatted a few more times. Eventually, I said, “let’s video chat again, I’m tired of writing.” So we Skyped for the first time and ended up talking literally all night long, from like 9 pm to 9 am the next morning!

And the rest, they say, is history!

Nah, we won’t keep you guessing. Keep following along, because Micaela’s side of the story is up next! If you want to get an alert when her post goes live, or even just to see more of what’s going on in the #chrisandmicaela world, subscribe to the list below to get updates in your inbox!

Photos at United by Cassia Karin

Photo Above By Ariana Delmundo Photography
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February 14, 2018

Chris and Micaela, Personal Scoops

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