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My first trip to Canada was really fun… But that time, I only got to cross the border long enough to eat lunch with some friends. I wanted to go back for a longer trip to stay with my friend Chelsea Nienhuis (and to snowboard with her and her husband Scott!). The fact that Micaela lived a few blocks away from their house was just a bonus 😉

Once Micaela and I started dating, the trip became more exciting, because I would get to see her every day! Micaela was planning on flying down to Florida in February during her spring break, but I wanted to go to Canada to meet her in person and to meet her family first. She knew I was going, she just didn’t know when!

Chelsea came up with the idea to bring Micaela to the airport when she went to pick me up. I was pretty sure Micaela would be suspicious, but then Chelsea mentioned Target! They no longer have Target in Canada, so Chelsea planned a U.S. shopping trip and invited Micaela and a few more friends.

I was worried that she still might figure it out, so I threw her off by asking her to help me find buses to Toronto from Detroit, instead of Buffalo, where they would be shopping. And she totally bought it!! To make sure she had no clue I was at the airport, I also made fake plans with a friend and we both posted about the “styled shoot” we were doing on social media all that day! 

The day came and over the last week I had been packing whenever Micaela was in class because we would Skype and talk a lot so I didn’t want her knowing I was up to something. I was ready to go, but so nervous.

I had wifi on the flight, so we kept messaging each other. At one point she found a penny on the ground, and I said “That means good luck or something, you should make a wish!” and she responded “I wish for you”! Little did she know I was on my way to surprise her!

I finally landed at the airport and I waited for a little bit as my heart raced and Chelsea was telling me where they were. I finally called an Uber, and as I arrived at Target, Micaela and her friends passed right by me, and no one noticed except Chelsea. They parked and I saw her walking into Target, so I turned around and put my hood up until they walked inside.

Chelsea snuck out to help me put my bag in her car, and then she asked me if I was ready. I said, “Yes, let’s do this!”

We walked into Target and Chelsea told me to hide in the men’s section and that she would tell Micaela that she should get me something from there. At first I thought it was a good idea, but after waiting for a minute or so, I remembered how much Micaela loves Target, haha! I was dying to see her, and she would have taken forever to get to the men’s section after looking through all the gifts and home stuff and women’s clothes! So I called Chelsea and she said, “Oh, she’s looking at something with her back turned – go now!”

With my face lit up and my heart pounding I just ran up behind Micaela and I hugged her for a minute or two. She turned around, and I remember hearing her voice for the first time not through a computer, and it was like I fell in love again.

I was so nervous, I had no idea what to do. Hold her hand or what. Haha. She grabbed my arm and we walked around Target together and I was frozen. I could not believe this was happening. All I could do is stare at her non-pixellated face. It was super HD and in real life now. It wasn’t through a screen anymore!

Note from Micaela:

Chris definitely surprised me! I originally had wondered if maybe we would pick him up from the airport when we went shopping in Buffalo, but when he mentioned bussing from Detroit, I was like, “Dang, I guess he won’t come until later in the month…” By the time he came up to me in Target, we had already been shopping all day, and Target was our last stop before returning to Canada, so that just kind of solidified the idea in my head that I wasn’t going to get to see Chris that day! Plus he had been messaging me all day long (even on the flight, where I wouldn’t expect him to have internet), and posting about the styled shoot he was supposedly doing with his friend, so I totally bought it!

But as soon as I felt someone’s arms around me in Target, I knew it was him! And gosh, was I happy to see him!

We’re both so grateful to our friends Chelsea, Ariana, and Lydia for helping keep me in the dark – and for a fun shopping trip! We love you guys! <3

April 25, 2018

Chris and Micaela

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How I Surprised Micaela

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