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“Wedding day. I had been planning my wedding since the day I found my venue. Carlos and I had been together for 8 yrs by the time he proposed but I didn’t start planning until we had been engaged for a year due to life happening. Don’t get me wrong I love this man, I […]

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Setting time for getting ready, dancing photos, cocktail hour with guests and talking to them, first look  Formal exit. A lot of times couples don’t get to spend time with their guests because they are either taking photos or eating or doing something else. If you value that and want that. There is a couple […]

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NYC behind the scenes This new adventure starts off like many. Flight delay. Everyone’s favorite. Okay it’s not so bad. It’s only 2 hours. Since I fly out early I don’t have a problem. Jet blue takes care of its people really well if it reaches 3 hours they give us a food credit and […]