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I know many at fearful of flash. There are a lot of misconceptions on it as well. Many just don’t love “flashy” photos. 1. Don’t point your bare bulb flash at someone’s face. If you’ve ever seen a terrible paparazzi photo you know why. To further clarify and my second tip is 2. Small light […]

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If you have ever asked me a question about photography or why I love what I do. There is a 99% chance that these 2 wonderful people have come up in conversation. I remember my friend Alex said to me on the way to a wedding. He said you need to go follow Gray Photography […]

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I have seen it everywhere. Everyone wants a pretty consistent social media feed that is perfect. All one color scheme and everything fits together seemlessly. Lots of people struggle saying it’s hard to be consistent. I want that perfect feed and consistency. I want a social media scheduler so I can post consistently and see […]