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If you have visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter you know this very well for it’s yummy sweet, sugary flavor. After playing around for a week and along my good friend google I may have mastered the art of home-made butterbeer. I personally think it looks more authentic than the parks version. I should’ve […]

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I can’t believe the day is actually here! After years of business coaching, planning, brainstorming, and soul-searching, I have finally found my niché in this gigantic market. I couldn’t be more excited to be announcing my brand new website today. Today marks a special day, not only because I feel like I have been doing this for […]

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The new Harry Potter series film Fantastic Beasts comes out today. What better way kick off your thursday with this fun Harry Potter Styled shoot in Ashley Castle in Arizona. You may be asking I flew all the way to Arizona to do a Harry Potter Styled shoot?