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NYC behind the scenes This new adventure starts off like many. Flight delay. Everyone’s favorite. Okay it’s not so bad. It’s only 2 hours. Since I fly out early I don’t have a problem. Jet blue takes care of its people really well if it reaches 3 hours they give us a food credit and […]

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I was about an inch from being late to the airport. I closed the door and I stood in shock as I turned and didn't realize I didn't have my key. Thank God it did not close all the way and I ran inside and got my key. I made it to the airport and […]

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I said I need a sign I need something. Should I keep doing what I’m doing. It’s tough I am not as cool or successful as the others. So after quite a bit of time I felt a piece that everything was going to be okay. Then I heard my name from across the pool.