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I had such a great time with Aryam and Javier at their ten-year Brickell, Miami anniversary session! We walked around downtown Miami, laughing together and trying to stay cool because of the Miami heat (not the basketball team).

Brickell is such a great location for an anniversary session, or any photo session! It’s filled with pockets of great light and friendly photobombers on bicycles! 

I am so grateful to Aryam for sharing today. Read on to hear their story and some great advice for married couples!

From Aryam…

I always hear other people talk about destiny and soulmates, but I never actually believed it. Until one day it happened to me! I had always been pretty unlucky with love, and to think that this love story is mine sometimes still shocks me. My happily ever after came true, and it has been 10 years of happiness ever since!

My husband and I met 17 years ago on our first day of college, and we instantly became friends. He became my best friend, confidant, and better half, but as life would have it, we never really explored love.

As a matter a fact, I started a relationship with someone else, and ended up getting married to this other person. Funny enough, my husband was my man of honor. He stood by my side and saw me drift away into the arms of another man.

When things got tough

A few years later, I had a beautiful baby girl and he once again was by my side. He was the first to visit me at the hospital after many excruciating hours of labor and an emergency c-section. After three years of being married, everything came crashing down, and I was in a midst of a divorce with a 6-month old baby.

Javier once again didn’t judge and stood by my side. He remained my friend and supported me throughout the entire ordeal. A few months after the divorce had been finalized, our friendship began to blossom and we fell in love. He made me forget my fears and wrapped me in his love.

Needless to say that two years later we were engaged and planning a wedding. We got married on October 7, 2006, and I have never looked back. 

Every day has been a blessing. Through good times and bad times we have grown together. We have loved, cried, and supported each other for the past ten years.

Advice for couples

The best advice I can give couples who are just getting married and starting their life together is to not go to bed angry and to always admit when you’re wrong. It’s ok to be wrong.

You will grow as the years pass, and you will look back and realize that you are not the same couple you were when you first got married. Things will change throughout the years, but nourish your relationship, support each other, give each other love, have patience and understanding. 

Don’t give up when things get tough… Don’t take the high road. Believe in your love and don’t lose sight of the small things in your relationship – they’re what got you there in the first place!

Love each other unconditionally every day because every day is priceless!

One thing that melts my heart every day is that he has loved my daughter, “our daughter,” and has shown her unconditional love. He has provided for me more than I ever deserved or could have ever asked for. Since getting married, we have had two children together, and we love our little family. 

Love isn’t something I found. Instead, it found me!

This is why we wanted to capture our love and celebrate our ten year anniversary.

Thanks to the magnificent artistic talent of Chris, we have captured those memories and will keep them in our hearts forever!

I definitely believe in destiny and that God leads us to that destiny one way or another. Javier is still my man of honor and will forever be in my heart.  He captured my heart all those years ago.

Ten years down… Forever to go!

For Couples

October 8, 2016

Aryam and Javier’s Ten-Year Brickell, Miami Anniversary Session


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