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The new Harry Potter film Fantastic Beasts comes out today! So what better way to kick off your Thursday than with this fun Harry Potter styled shoot?

I did this styled shoot while I was attending Showit United in Arizona, my favorite photography conference!

While I was at the conference, my friend Gladys and an amazing team (credited below) set this all up, and wow! I didn’t know what to expect, but this Harry Potter styled shoot blew me away!

Actors, not models!

Many of the models were actually theater actors! Because of this, I felt like they really brought the characters to life in a way that regular models don’t. For example, Ron Weasley never broke character, and even dyed his hair red for the shoot!

Off-camera flash

I absolutely love being creative with other photographers and experimenting with light! That’s why one of my favorite things to do is to teach off-camera flash. So I was really glad that I got to do that at this shoot!

Although I don’t use OCF a lot on wedding days or regular photo sessions, I love playing with it! It was perfect for this session to make the Harry Potter characters come to life. Gladys made magic wands from scratch for the models, and we used both the sun and some gelled off-camera flash to create the effect of bursts of light coming out of them! By doing this, we were able to bring a little magic to the shoot through flash instead of photoshop!

I loved everything about this session, and I can’t wait to do something like it in the future! Enjoy, friends.

Special thanks to an amazing team!

Minerva McGonagall – Beth Roden
Dolores Umbridge – Alison Jordan
Bellatrix LeStrange – Shawna Roden
Albus Dumbledore – Dave Roden
Harry Potter – Jake Bonar
Ginny Weasley – Julia Jordan
Newt Scamander – Ted Sowards

Event Coordinator:
Gladys Marietti of White Deer Studio

The Ashley Castle

Advisor for Models and Costumes:
Elizabeth Boyle-Roden

Christi Nemec of Nemec Photography
Gladys Marietti of White Deer Studio

Behind the scenes photos:
Aimee Garza Hernandez of Aimee Photographie

Behind the Scenes, Our Life

November 17, 2016

Harry Potter Styled Shoot at the Ashley Castle in Chandler, AZ


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