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Hello, and welcome to the CSP blog! I'm Chris Sosa—ice-cream-lover, encourager, and wedding photographer based in Miami, Florida! My passion is photographing timeless estate weddings for joyful couples who put their marriage first! Grab a pint of your favorite ice cream, curl up on the couch, and enjoy scrolling through some of my recent weddings, getting all the latest planning inspiration, and learning from my best photography tips!

Carlos and Isabella’s Thalatta Estate wedding was, in Isabella’s words, absolutely perfect! It went incredibly smoothly, which pretty much never happens. Wedding days can be messy and stressful, and all sorts of things can go wrong! But somehow, nothing did!

I think there were a few keys to this:

  1. Perspective. A laid-back attitude towards your wedding day means that if something small (or even something big) doesn’t go to plan, you’re not worried about it! All you’re thinking about is marrying the love of your life, and you know that nothing else matters!
  2. A wedding day co-ordinator. Even if you don’t have the budget for a planner, you need a day-of co-ordinator! Rebecca of Get Excited Events worked her magic on Isabella and Carlos’s wedding day and kept things moving behind the scenes so they wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.
  3. An estate venue. Choosing Thalatta Estate for their wedding venue meant that Isabella and Carlos’s entire wedding day could happen in one place! They got ready there, they had their ceremony there, they took their portraits there, and they had their reception there. Estate venues are my favorites, because no travel time between locations means that the timeline stays on track!

But don’t take it from me – here’s what Isabella had to say about her day!

From the bride:

Carlos and I had been together for eight years by the time he proposed, but I didn’t start planning our wedding until we had been engaged for a year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this man! The trouble was that I had a specific vision in mind for our wedding. Carlos is my best friend and the most giving person – he deserved an amazing day just as much as I did, and I just didn’t want to rush it!

That’s why I didn’t start planning until a year later, when I found Thalatta Estate. It was the perfect wedding venue for what we were looking for!

After that, planning was a breeze! I booked our photographer after securing our venue, and before everything else.

Pictures last a lifetime, and I knew I wanted Chris to capture our day!

I planned everything out, and hired an amazing coordinator to make sure everything happened smoothly. I was completely relaxed through the planning process, and didn’t get nervous until the day of the wedding. The night before, I had a nightmare!

But when I woke up, everything fell into place. My cousin Alba and I ubered to the venue to met up with the rest of my bridal party: Danielle, my maid of honor and friend since middle school, my cousin Nicole, and my bestie Rita, who makes me laugh with just a knowing look.

I took the stairs to the bridal suite and was pleasantly surprised. Danielle had decked the room out with plenty of essentials (breakfast, blue champagne, croissants!) as well as a basket with random Mr. & Mrs. themed goodies! Best maid of honor ever!

I jumped into hair and makeup and everyone switched off like clockwork. Rita had the suite blasting with her custom playlist. And we were like school girls watching the guys take pictures with Chris before the ceremony.

Let me tell you, if you’re in doubt about doing a first look, just do it!

The only time I got a bit nervous and antsy was right before first look with Carlos and I. Would he like my dress? Is it what he imagined? I kept thinking he looked so handsome and confident in his blue suit. I loved the tie I picked out and look, he wore the socks I picked too!!!

It was amazing to have a moment just for ourselves. Time stopped. The world around us ceased to exist. It was just me and him. Looking at each other for the first time… Nothing else mattered.

After that, time seemed to go at warp speed. When they say “Enjoy the day, it flies by,” they’re not kidding! The ceremony passed by so quickly. Our goddaughter, who was our flower girl, ran down the aisle in front of me and my father! She wasn’t nervous at all. I held my father’s arm and walked down the aisle to meet my love.

During the ceremony, my lovely friend Avni read our dinosaur story. Not everyone gets it, but it’s so true, and so very us! This is our love story.

I thought I would be self-conscious about the camera during the ceremony, but I actually don’t remember even seeing it. Chris is a magical ice cream loving ninja!

I remember the receiving line our officiant assembled. I was so happy to be able to say hi to all our friends and family that joined us on our special day! We enjoyed our cocktail hour as well, but be warned! All your family is pulling you in different directions because they’re so excited to talk to you!

We had our first dance, and it felt like it was just the two of us! We talked, we laughed, and he loved how my dress swayed in the wind. Then I danced with my father, and he danced with his mother and made everyone cry.

My maid of honor gave the loveliest speech. It was so sweet that my mom asked for a written version to translate to other family members!

We partied the night away under the stars and the perfect lighting! When you are happy and have love, not much else matters. We were lucky to be surrounded by friends and family who were there to cherish our love. And that’s what made it the perfect day.


– Isabella


Thanks so much to all these amazing vendors!


Wedding Coordinator
Rebecca Interian of Get Excited Events

Renso Gomez of Video Time
Grecia Dorta of Yosvi Flowers
Cake Artist
Cristina Moguel of El Brazo Fuerte
Tony the Hitman of Infinity Sound Productions
Makeup Artist
Janette Torres of Makeup by Janette
Hair Artist
Alcira of Hair by Alcira
Bridesmaid Dresses

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September 17, 2017

Thalatta Estate Wedding | Isabella & Carlos