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Hello, and welcome to the CSP blog! I'm Chris Sosa—ice-cream-lover, encourager, and wedding photographer based in Miami, Florida! My passion is photographing timeless estate weddings for joyful couples who put their marriage first! Grab a pint of your favorite ice cream, curl up on the couch, and enjoy scrolling through some of my recent weddings, getting all the latest planning inspiration, and learning from my best photography tips!

This cruise week back in August was the best! I had the opportunity to not only photograph a couple and their family but also to relax and enjoy three beautiful countries. It started off with two days at sea on Royal Caribbean’s “Allure of the Seas.” This ship is massive!! It has a mini-golf course, an ice skating rink, and huge auditoriums for shows where we enjoyed some music and live jazz every night.

Our first stop was Labadee, Haiti where we were welcomed by clear water, friendly locals, and a delicious lunch. Later that day we played mini golf for the fifth time and decided not to do the fancy dinner because with my cousin Andy and I it would have been a little weird. It’s definitely something you want to do with a date!

The second stop of our cruise was Puerto Rico. As we were eating our breakfast I spotted dolphins in the water! As we walked off the ship we realized it was extremely hot, so we were grateful that we had an air-conditioned tour bus around Puerto Rico’s historic sites.

The third stop was St. Maarten! We got up early to eat breakfast and make our way down to the beach. We’d forgotten the snorkel gear, but when we got there we realized that the water was so clear you could see straight down to the bottom. In the vlogs linked below, you can see that the water was so clear that my GoPro caught the fish swimming!

The last few days were spent at sea avoiding some bad weather—a week later the area was hit by hurricane Irma which destroyed most of the islands.

To see more vlogs, head to my youtube channel! In the comments below, let me know what you guys would love to see more of as I begin to create some more content: my adventures, behind the scenes of weddings, wedding planning tips, or something else!





February 20, 2018

Vlog Episode 2 (Cruise Week)


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