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When Jessica and Alex said they wanted to do part of their engagement session in their new home, I was so excited! There’s no better way to make a session feel personal and meaningful than to do it in the home that you are going to begin your married life in together!

But I never expected just how personal the session was going to be! Jessica and Alex have a huge collection of inside jokes, and a wealth of friends who feel like family. When we arrived at their house, we were actually greeted by some of their friends who were visiting that day! They even helped us clear out the areas we needed for photos!

They hung out in another room so we could capture Jess and Alex without an audience. It’s already nerve-wracking enough to have a camera pointed at you without others watching! However, I’m pretty sure that Jess and Alex would have felt comfortable either way!

In fact, I’ve actually never photographed anyone who was as natural in front of the camera as these two. We gave them poses and directions as normal, but they somehow took what we were imagining and made it even more adorable!

Jessica is a videographer, which is probably a huge reason why. For film, it’s important to have movement. Even though we were taking still images, she was probably thinking about this during the session! Instead of staying frozen when we put them into a pose, they moved around a little! They melted into each other, they giggled, they swayed, and they had fun with the poses we gave them!

Jess and Alex hadn’t moved into their house yet, so there wasn’t a lot of furniture in it. We started the engagement session off with a cute picnic-style set up with white blankets and pillows on the floor of their dining room!

While they were dating, Jessica created a game called Kombucha Confessions. The rules? Roll the dice, make a confession… Or you have to take a swig of kombucha!

She actually hand-painted this box and the dice that they use to play the game! That talent!!

Then we moved on to their kitchen, which was beautifully bright and clean! I now think that the best time to do an at home session is definitely before you’re officially moved in! Look how spotless it is!

And then they found the way straight to my heart… They brought out the ICE CREAM!

We went outside to show off the cool gray exterior of their new home!

Jess made this adorable book full of their Facebook messages and texts from the beginning of their relationship!

And then we headed to the Everglades for part two of their engagement session!

We originally planned to take the photos at Everglades Holiday Park. But it was a pretty far drive, and we were losing light. Jessica called me on the way and said to follow her—they knew a spot that was closer and looked the same!

And what a GREAT spot it turned out to be! We parked at the edge of the Everglades, and we could see for miles! The light was absolutely perfect.

Jess and Alex brought out their bicycles for a sunset ride along the seemingly endless path!

A rabbit decided to photobomb! I tried to chase it and get a photo up close, but it was too fast.

And then the sun started getting extra glowy and we got some incredible sunset colors!!

They wowed us with some pretty impressive dancing skills!

And we used the last of the sunset light for a few more great portraits with city lights in the background!

Hands down, my favorite session to date! Jess and Alex, you’re SO much fun to be around, and we really hope to be friends for a very long time!! Also… You’re going to have to model for us again. Seriously.

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December 17, 2018

At Home And Everglades Engagement Session | Jessica & Alex

  1. Micaela

    December 29th, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    Love this session! <3


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