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Hello, and welcome to the CSP blog! I'm Chris Sosa—ice-cream-lover, encourager, and wedding photographer based in Miami, Florida! My passion is photographing timeless estate weddings for joyful couples who put their marriage first! Grab a pint of your favorite ice cream, curl up on the couch, and enjoy scrolling through some of my recent weddings, getting all the latest planning inspiration, and learning from my best photography tips!

Giovanna and Eduardo’s black tie wedding was classic, elegant, and full of so many happy tears! But all of this was to be expected, because Giovi and Eddie are as classy as they come, and they both have tight-knit, incredibly loving families.

In fact, family was a key theme of their wedding: their sisters were all in the bridal party, and their parents played important roles as well! Of course there were the traditional roles of parent dances during the reception and Giovi’s father walking her down the aisle.

But Giovi had a special first look with her father before the ceremony (while her mother and sister looked on). And during the ceremony, the priest took a few minutes to speak about Eddie’s father – what an important influence he had been and how proud he must be to witness his son’s wedding. Then both of their mothers joined in by draping a mantilla cloth over Eddie and Giovi’s shoulders during an important part of the wedding ceremony.

These moments made their wedding so special to be a part of! But the best part was when we took some just married portraits of Giovanna and Eduardo after their ceremony. The joy and excitement in their smiles and the way they look at each other are exactly why I love my job!

Black tie weddings are some of my favorites because everyone looks so classy and well-put-together. A wedding is once in a lifetime, so it’s fitting to dress more elegantly than ever before!

But because a tux is not an everyday outfit, it comes with some challenges…

It must have taken the guys at least 30 minutes to figure out these bow ties. And when I say “the guys,” I mean me, too! I tried to help, but I was almost as clueless as they were.

For someone who owns at 18 bow ties (I know, it’s a problem!), you’d think I’d know how to tie one already… I’ve got to get on that, haha!

But every bow tie was tied successfully, and the boys all made it on time to the ceremony!

Giovanna and her father shared an emotional first look before driving to the ceremony, with “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker playing in the background. It was such a sweet moment!

I swear these two are the best camera kissers ever! No duck lips, just all giggles and cuteness! And their love is so evident in the way they look at each other…

If you’re wondering whether you should wear a long veil on your wedding day… Do it!! It adds an extra level of magic to your photos, and so much variety!

Just before heading to their reception, Giovanna and Eduardo shared a toast outside their getaway car!

Okay, look at the way he looks at her and tell me he isn’t going to love her and cherish her every single day for the rest of his life. I dare you.

Giovanna and Eduardo had a brilliant idea that I’ve never seen anyone else do before! While their guests were enjoying cocktail hour, they specifically set aside time to do a first look of their reception room!

They had some of the staff sneak them in and out so no guests would see them. This way they were able to see the results of all of their planning and hard work before the room was filled with their guests!

Eddie and Giovi danced to Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” in front of their family and best friends. It was such a sweet, emotional moment!

Eddie’s sweet sisters Iris and Isis were crying happy tears all night :’)

I love capturing these unscripted details, like the way Eddie and Giovi held hands during the toasts!

Giovi and Eddie, I wish you many years of happiness, and I pray that you’ll always look at each other the way you did on your wedding day.

Thank you to the incredible vendors who worked hard to make Giovanna and Eduardo’s classic black tie wedding a success!

Photographer: Chris Sosa Photography
Videographer: New Rez Media
Venue: JW Marriott Miami
Engagement ring: Ritani
Wedding bands: Cartier
Eddie’s tux: Suitsupply
Groomsmen tuxes: The Black Tux
Cake: Elegant Temptations
DJ: DJ Chizzle

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December 20, 2018

Classic Black Tie Wedding in Miami, Florida | Giovanna & Eduardo


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