Your Wedding Experience

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more than pretty photos

I know you worry about making the right investments during your wedding planning. You don’t want to regret a single thing, and you believe that everything you choose should have lasting impact!

Because this is about more than just one day to you...

That’s why your wedding photography should be about more than just the photos. It should be an experience that strengthens your connection with one another and enhances your marriage! It should remind you of what matters most.

It’s about the marriage you'll build together every day after that.



first STEP ⟶

a photography experience that enhances your marriage

The Process

I truly believe that your wedding photography experience can (and should) strengthen your connection and impact your marriage in a lasting way! Here's what you can expect during each step of the wedding process.


Once you've used my contact form to get in touch, I'll respond with pricing and more information. Then we'll set up a time to meet for ice cream (on me!) and find out if I'm the right fit for your wedding! I love getting to know both of you personally and hearing your dreams for your marriage!

ice cream date



When you've decided to book, you'll sign the contract and pay your deposit to save your date! Then I'll send you my best tips for the wedding day and beyond, and we'll plan your engagement session!

make it official



Your engagement session is the key to a relaxed wedding day! This is when we get to know each other even more: I'll learn your best angles and teach you everything you need to know, so that you're already pros when the day arrives! 

engagement session



Your wedding day will go by SO fast! Trust me, I've been there! I'll work hard to capture images of all the moments you'll want to remember for the rest of your lives, while also helping you to relax and soak up every single second of it together!

your wedding day



I'll deliver your edited wedding photos in an online gallery. You'll be able to download your photos instantly and share with your family and friends! I'll also help you to select heirloom prints and albums that will remind you of your love for decades to come!

gallery delivered


home ⟶

Many of our couples have become lifelong friends to me and my wife Micaela! I've also had the privilege of photographing their marriage milestones - from anniversaries to maternity photos to newborn and family sessions. Let's stay in touch and go on double dates together!

keep in touch!


From the joyful days to the times of struggle, your photos will remind you of the love you’re fighting for!

Our editing style is natural, crisp, and bright! We believe your photos should look just like the moment they captured, which means we don't heavily photoshop them.


Your photos shouldn't live in a folder somewhere on your hard drive. We offer heirloom albums and wall art to fill your home, so you'll never let a day go by without reliving your happiest moments together!


We could shoot in that glowy natural light all day... But it's not always day! I started out doing primarily flash photography, so expect great light from getting ready to your sparkler exit!


Posing should be fun! Yes, we’ll tell you exactly what to do with your hands, but we’ll also ask you questions to bring out real emotion and connection along the way!


From the invitations to the cake, we know you’ve chosen every detail carefully so your wedding truly feels like you! We're people-centered photographers, but we love to capture the little things so you never forget them!



of a great wedding experience